Dave Grant - World Record Holder

Posted on 15th August 2016

Dave Grant knows a thing or two about sheep shearing as the current world record holder for shearing merino wethers (set in 2007 after shearing 356 sheep in one day) and the record remains unbroken almost 10 years later.


The Longreach local has been in the industry for 27 years and in a normal season might compete at up to four shows a year travelling anywhere from 700-1100 kilometers to get to each competition.


“Although we’re seeing the land turn around now with recent rains in the region, the past few years have been incredibly tough and as a result not as much work has been around for us in the sheep industry,” he said.


And as Grant prepares to compete in the upcoming Jackie Howe Festival Invitational, he is looking forward to showcasing his industry and introducing people to what he thinks is one of the least changed jobs in the world.


“I reckon sheep shearing has to be one of the least changed jobs in the world. We are really still doing it relatively the same way as it has been done for more than 100 years. And I’m looking forward to introducing people that wouldn’t normally associate with the sheep industry a glimpse into our world at this year’s Festival.”


“Our industry is quite professional and our competitors are true sportsmen. A lot of people don’t often get to see this side of it so coming along to a festival like the Jackie Howe is as good a chance as some people might get.”


Dave, currently the Australian team manager, will be competing at Jackie Howe on September 2 - 4 and said he was looking forward to seeing old friends and stoke a friendly rivalry when Queensland vs Canterbury (NZ) in a shearing competition.


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