Posted on 16th June 2016


Are you ready for 3 days of non-stop action?  Tickets for the Jackie Howe Festival of the Golden Shears have just gone on sale.  Don’t miss out! Make sure you get jump online and book today! What is your favourite part of the festival? Share your favourite memories with us!

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These are our 10 reasons not to miss the 2016 Jackie Howe Festival of the Golden Shears!


1.  Jondaryan Woolshed Re-enactment

Have you ever wondered what how the Jondaryan Woolshed thrived in its glory days as a working Woolshed?  At the Jackie Howe Festival, you can experience it!  Go back the the 1800s with the full historic re-enactment of the Jondaryan Woolshed where the shed starts up using the steam engine and steam-powered shears.  Every one of the 32 sheep shearing stations comes alive and shows what it was really like when the Woolshed was in its prime.

We think the sound and sights of the historic shed are bound to make your memory list for years to come too!


2.  Jackie Howe Invitational

Think the Wallabies vs the All Blacks is the best competition you can see?  Think again! Its Australia vs New Zealand at the Jackie Howe Invitational, Australia’s most prestigious shearing competition. Come and watch the wool fly with shearing competitions battle it out for the ultimate bragging rights!  Who will be number 1?


3.  Woolshed Bash with Mick Lindsay

There will be no Party in the Daylight when Mick Linsday gets up to Crank It at the inaugural Woolshed Bash concert under the stars at the Jackie Howe Festival! You’ll be rocking your Comfort Zone as you go 100 Miles an Hour with a Kick Ass night with your not so Imaginary Girl or Boy – one you will always remember!  Are you ready to follow the Way of the World to be a Broken In country-fried rock fan? We’ll be Here With You! PS.  Don’t forget about Missy Lancaster.  She’s Electric!  Count Me In!


4.  Farm2Fibre Luncheon

Shout out to all the Ladies!  Are you in for a treat!  Indulge in a long table ploughman style lunch and relax to the sounds of live music at the newest addition to the Jackie Howe Festival; the Farm2Fibre Luncheon.  Come and celebrate Australia’s wool and sheep industry while you marvel at the fashion displays, mingle with special guests and enjoy a class day with friends.


5.  Father’s Day Brunch

I went to farm the other day, as I was walking around I heard music coming from a large shed. I looked over and saw a line of sheep walking in through the shed door. I went over to see what was going on. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked inside. I saw ... Ed Sheeran!  Do you love to make dad laugh?  So do we!  I asked my dad the other day what his best dad joke was and he said, You. (oh, Dad!)  Bring Dad to the Jackie Howe Festival on Father’s Day and treat him to the best laughs, entertainment and breakfast he could have on his special day.  Two dad’s walk into a bar, the third one ducks.  Give dad the chance to show off his sheep dog skills as he boxes the sheep into their pens in the Father’s Day Challenge.  Dad jokes not included (you need to get dad to bring them!)


6.  Runway to Runway Fashion Show

Strike a Pose! Don’t miss one of the highlights of the weekend, the Runway to Runway Fashion Show combines agricultural heritage with the stylish merino wool and cotton designs Australia is known for the world over. It’s a one-of-a-kind event that will showcase and support the wonderful depth of talent of our fashion industry.  Join other fashionistas and rub shoulders with international fashion designer Nicola Finetti and be inspired by the world class fashion shows and styling workshops.


7.  Markets

Calling all the shopaholics!  The Jackie Howe Festival will be a fantastic opportunity for you to hone your shopping skills with three (yes three!) markets during the Jackie Howe Festival.  Saturday is the day to wander through The Original Mix designer markets.  The Original Mix is a young Toowoomba Art Collaboration specialising in Pop up events, Markets and the promotion of emerging designers, Artists and Visual creators. Check out the creative and designer goods including local pop up shops and boutique stalls for the whole family.  Guaranteed you will not see anything like it anywhere else!  Then come back on Sunday to eat your way through the Toowoomba Farmers Market offering all things foodie, farm, country and community.  This market advocates for all farmers’, growers, producers and artisans whilst promoting education, mindfulness and awareness.  You or the family won’t go hungry with this market!  Don’t forget about the Evanslea Markets on both Saturday and Sunday showcasing local arts and crafts with a difference!


8.  Camp Oven Dinner and Shearers Feast

Food, food and more food!  Dig into some hearty and wholesome spread with the Camp Oven Dinner on Friday night and the Shearers Feast on Saturday night.  You will not go hungry with these warm and inviting menus sure to please even the fussiest guest.  You will enjoy both dinner and a show with live entertainment on both nights.  Don’t miss out on the best way to end your day!


9.  Blue Gum Farm TV – Live and Family Activities

Ok Mums and Dads.  Get the kids together and bring them down to the Main Stage to watch, listen and learn about farming and the Outback with Blue Gum Farm TV – Live!  The kids will love singing along to the bush tunes and you will love laughing along too.  Guaranteed to keep the kids entertained and talking about it for hours.  Once you have watched the show, take the family to learn farming and heritage skills like cheese making, rope making, whip cracking and blacksmithing.  There will be no one bored with all the family activities!


10.  Live Entertainment on the Main Stage

Now it’s time to sit back and relax.  There will be no shortage of things to do so make sure you take that time to unload.  Rest and unwind around the Main Stage on a picnic rug and enjoy the sounds of great local musicians!  Why not grab a bite to eat and reminisce with the family about your favourite memories for the day before heading back out into the festival to make some more!