Volunteering with The Woolshed

Passionate about History?

Grow your passion with our fantastic group of volunteers! Join our volunteering community and assist us in preserving our Australian Heritage! Volunteering Enquiries Contact our volunteer coordinator on (07) 4692 2229 or info@jondaryanwoolshed.com.au

The Woolshed Volunteering Team offers a variety of projects and working bees for you to participate - suited to all time frames; whether you have a spare weekend or a spare day each week. Our volunteering opportunities include in our Machinery area (many projects here) but also include projects in our History & administration department, Catering, Livestock and Grounds departments. In addition to Old Time Skills Team, this team is dedicated to educating and demonstrating old time skills during our events, festivals or school group visits. Every person willing to volunteer with us is incredibly important as without you we would not be able to preserve our history.